LARCH (Larix Decidua)

Common names: European larch, Alpine larch
Family: coniferous trees

The European larch is a colonizing species of the Alps where it grows between 800/1000 and 2500 meters above sea level (it can populate the tree line with just a few other trees such as the mountain pine and the Swiss stone pine). The larch can resist severe climate conditions and it can survive a temperature of -50 degrees Celsius. Its longevity is another important feature. There are a few of these trees which are more than 1000 years old and keep on fascinating us with their golden foliage in Autumn.

Due to its high resistance, this wood is suitable for the construction of exterior paneling, balconies, and all those parts which are exposed to bad weather. The larch has been used since ever for constructing roofs and shingles. Its color is of an intense red but with the passing of time it can become dark red or even purple.

In houses, it is mainly employed for floors, steps as well as for window and door frames.

The larch lasts long even when fully immersed in water. The foundations of Venice, for example, lie on wood beams coming from the Dolomites.

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