Common names: Arollo pine, Stone pine

Family: coniferous trees

The Swiss stone pine can only be found in the Alps but not as frequently as the common spruce and the larch. It grows just in a few areas all of which reach from 1500 meters (above sea level) up to the tree line. The Swiss stone pine can grow very old. There are a few trees that are older than 500 years.

IThis wood emits a nice fragrance, it is compact and soft, its color is amber-pink and its organoleptic properties are beneficial to good health.

The Swiss stone pine has been used to produce furniture, stube (1), carvings and sculptures since ever. The furnishings realized from this precious wood generate unique fragrances and sensations that can hardly ever be found in other types of trees. This wood used to be employed for beds and cradles to ensure a nice sleep. It was also very appreciated for the production of wardrobes since clothes could be well preserved in this type of wood.

(1) Stube : originally, it was the only heated room of a house and the place where most of the everyday activities took place. The heat came from big ovens or wood stoves fuelled from adjacent rooms, mostly the kitchen. To guarantee thorough heat insulation of these rooms, they were fully covered in wood, typically in Swiss stone pine but also in common spruce.

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