Technology and Tradition

If you ask “Vivi il Legno” to create your furnishing, they will work for you from the initial planning up to the final installation.

Progettazione al CADExchanging ideas with the customers is essential for planning unique and functional furniture and interior decorations. At the first stage, a special software allows a three-dimensional visualization of imagined furnishings thus enabling the customer to find the most appropriate solution.

The long working experience and the use of cutting-edge machinery (respecting the environment and adhering to the security rules in the work place) guarantee high quality results. To finalize and refine the realized products “Vivi il Legno” counts on the collaboration of specialized craftsmen working in other sectors (smiths, stone carvers, glass and textile workers). In this way, we can also offer furnishing ready for use.

Another fundamental ingredient for the realization of furnishing is time. We should actually keep in mind that wood is a living material whose growth cycles need to be respected. For this reason, craftsmanship requires more time than industrial production but it also guarantees durable results. If you cut a mature tree at the proper time (following the natural cycles of seasons and the moon) rather than when the market asks you to do so, you can preserve the environment and create unique and prestigious artifacts. These can be particularly appreciated by those people who treasure that type of sustainable craftsmanship.

Those who have the patience and time to wait for the right moment will certainly make a long-lasting investment.

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